Pronghorn Tattoo Statement

Last weekend I had the fortune to attend the Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention. I've been jazzed about this event since before I even moved to Utah. A couple of months prior, before even purchasing my ticket, I feverishly searched through the visiting artists to look for a new tattoo artist. (Still love you,… Continue reading Pronghorn Tattoo Statement

Travel Planning

How to Master Packing for a Thailand Trip

Thailand's reputation as a backpacker haven is derived from its incredible hospitality, navigable public transportation, cheap food and accommodation, relaxed take on life, and exotic adventures. Luckily, Thailand is just as easy to pack for as it is to explore. With some foresight and restraint, you can prepare efficiently the first time around! Here are… Continue reading How to Master Packing for a Thailand Trip


Shaving Your Head as a Woman: An Investment and Investigation of Freedom

This year I committed myself to making calculated strides towards my interpretations of freedom. It started with quitting my stable, permanent job in the Midwest and leaving my comfortable, reliable apartment to pursue a life built on seasonal ecological fieldwork, travel, and continuing education. It persists by working on my ability to be present, be… Continue reading Shaving Your Head as a Woman: An Investment and Investigation of Freedom


Mountain Yoga

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. After spending weeks of immersive learning in the mountains of western Montana, we paid homage to its inhabitants through a little something known as Mountain Yoga. Our studio was the St. Mary Campground in Glacier National Park, our mats were lodged posts, and our instructor… Continue reading Mountain Yoga

Travel Blog

Traveler Profile: “Bali chose me”

Natalie is an old roommate and friend of mine who embodies the adventurous spirit and drive of our generation. She's an inspiration to other young women who long to travel and renew their understanding of themselves from the inside out. She boldly left her small hometown in Missouri to work as a teacher in South… Continue reading Traveler Profile: “Bali chose me”

Ecology, Travel Blog

Grinnell Glacier Trail, Glacier National Park (7/18/18)

Climate change was the final theme of my Field Ecology course. I've heard about glaciers melting nearly my whole life,┬ábut like so many other concepts in ecology, this was just an abstract idea to me until I witnessed it firsthand. What is a Glacier? How does one differentiate between glaciers and all of the other… Continue reading Grinnell Glacier Trail, Glacier National Park (7/18/18)