Travel Planning

Traveler Profiles

“I wish I could travel more.”

Almost everyone that I meet has this same desire to travel more. Yet most people feel trapped in a time vs. money cycle. They may have enough time, but not enough money. Or they may have the money, but it is in exchange for a demanding full-time job that leaves them with little time to travel.

I recently decided to realign my lifestyle to be more conducive to traveling. This meant quitting my stable, salaried job in exchange for a seasonal position that pays less, but has a built-in schedule that allows me to travel.

Prioritizing travel, or whatever it is that you want more of in your life, IS possible and comes in every flavor. I will be sharing some of this creativity with you with installments of Traveler Profiles. In these posts, I will be highlighting the unique lifestyles and labors of friends to demonstrate that you are fully capable of pursuing and molding your dreams.

A special thanks to all my friends who inspire me and to all the trail blazers out there who bring to light our own capabilities.

Happy Travels

2 thoughts on “Traveler Profiles”

  1. Happy Trails to you and Josh. I am envious of you two and will travel with you in your blog. One day you’ll open that green trunk and there I will be!!!! Scary, isn’t it? The best to both of you and I look forward to reading your adventures.!


    1. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope to find you there with trays of little planties to transplant! We love the green trunk. You will always be the Scavenger Queen!


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