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Truck Bed Burrito

Our trip to Big Sur left a huge impression on us. It drastically shifted our mindset about living arrangement possibilities. Sleeping in my truck on Highway 1 opened the doors to it as a viable option for us to use in Oregon.

Since returning from our California vacation, we’ve been sleeping in the bed of my truck. It’s free and actually warmer than it was to stay in the tent. The bulk of our possessions are still in our storage unit, which we visit a couple times a week to exchange things as needed. The items that we use daily such as clothes, food, and toiletries stay accessible in Josh’s compact car. This has enabled us to reserve my truck bed as a cozy nest, or as I like to call it, the truck bed burrito.

Here’s how we layer the burrito for maximum comfort and heat. This has gotten us through nights as low as 23 degrees and I even have to shed layers during the night sometimes.

The 7-Layer Truck Bed Burrito (bottom to top):

  1. Large tarp
  2. Camping mats and yoga mat
  3. Inflatable sleeping pads
  4. Couple’s sleeping bag (two-person)
  5. Individual sleeping bag tucked into the couple’s sleeping bag
  6. Fleece camo blanket
  7. Giant alternative-down comforter with duvet cover to smother us all in

We topped it all of with a couple of pillows, or dollops of sour cream if you will!

Truck Burrito (8)
1. Tarp Layer to protect from moisture (The Foil)


Truck Burrito (1)

2. Foam/folding mats

Truck Burrito (5)
4. Couple’s sleeping bag. (The Tortilla Pocket!)


Truck Burrito (6)
5. Individual Sleeping Bags tucked into Couple’s Sleeping Bags


Truck Burrito (7)
6. Fleece camo blanket (The Lettuce)


Truck Burrito (3)
7. Big Comfy Alternative-Down Comforter + Duvet Cover (The Cheese Smothering)


How do we do it?

We spend most of our days at the library or exploring outside and go on walks in the evening. Work started this week, so that has become the bulk of our time during the day.

For food, I get to work early and make a quick oatmeal breakfast. We use the kitchen at work for lunches and cook dinner in the trunk of Josh’s car on a two-burner Coleman stove. It’s remained cool enough that we haven’t even bought ice since coming out here weeks ago. We’ve been able to enjoy yogurt, leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, and nut milks as they will last for a few days in the cooler without ice!

Best of all, we now have consistent access to showers because there are locker rooms in the warehouse at work.

At night we brush our teeth in Josh’s car and get everything ready for the next day. We crawl into the truck bed with our headlamps and tuck our clothes for the next day under the blankets with us so they’re not cold to put on in the morning. About once a week we remove all of the burrito layers to air them out and clean the truck bed.

This has been a great discovery and time saver for us because we leave the bed set up in the truck all day. Feel free to leave questions or comments!

Conversely, look out for a future post about how to make real burritos in your truck bed.

Truck Burrito (4)

Happy Slumbers from the Spicy Bean Filling.

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