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April Showers

Confused about our schedule? So are we.

This post is more for friends and family who want to stay updated about me and Josh, but please feel free to post questions, comments, or recommendations for places to visit.

I named this post, “April Showers” for two reasons. First of all, I’m thrilled to have regular showers and a gym again thanks to the warehouse at work. Secondly, it’s been raining here, a lot.

Here’s what we’ve pieced together for April so far.

Week 1:

Sun, April 1 – Hunky Jesus Easter in San Francisco w/ Vince & Jeff

Mon, April 2 – Beach Bums in Big Sur, CA

Tues, April 3 – Beach Bums in Big Sur, CA

Wed, April 4 – Reno w/Amanda & Keven

Thurs, April 5 – Southern Oregon Homebase

Fri, April 6 – Southern Oregon Homebase

Sat, April 7 – Explored a local lake


Week 2:

Sun, April 8 – Explored a local trail (~6 miles)

Mon, April 9 – Started work. Training week (yawn)

Tues, April 10 – Soils Field Day at work

Wed, April 11 – Boring office stuff

Thurs, April 12 – Watched presentation on Field Botany. Boring office stuff

Fri, April 13 – Boring office stuff

Sat, April 14 – Visited the local coffee shop. Drove to Umpqua National Forest and hung out in the Tokatee Hot Springs. Tent camped. (day off)


Week 3:

Sun, April 15 – Hiked a small section of the North Umpqua Trail (~4 miles). The trail we wanted to do was closed due to a previous fire that left dangerous trees and sections along the route. Saw spring wildflowers blooming to our heart’s delight and the Tokatee Waterfall. Read a bunch. Tent camped. (day off)

Mon, April 16 – Drove back to Southern Oregon Homebase. Checked out the gym at work. Josh did an online exam for school. Library time. (day off)

Tues, April 17 – Boring office stuff, trip preparation, general chaos.

Wed, April 18 – Field day with BLM staff to learn Ecological Site Description (land forms). Drive to Burns, OR. Tent camp with the crew (6 of us).

Thurs, April 19 – Wilderness First Aid Training in Burns, OR. Tent camp.

Fri, April 20 – Wilderness First Aid Training in Burns, OR. Drive back to Southern Oregon Homebase.

Sat, April 21 – Lazy day at an Airbnb in Klamath Falls for Josh to study (day off)


Week 4:

Sun, April 22 – Jamela to Crater Lake while Josh has exam proctored in Klamath (day off)

Mon, April 23 – Drive to Prineville, OR for AIM (Assessment, Inventory, and Management) training. Work reserved us hotel rooms, score!

Tues, April 24 – AIM Training on soils and ecological sites, soils texturing, field work on plot characterization and practice. Hotel.

Wed, April 25 – AIM Training on intro to terrestrial core and sampling practice. Hotel.

Thurs, April 26 – AIM Training on data, method practice, and calibration. Hotel.

Fri, April 27 – AIM Training on QA/QC (quality assessment/quality control). Drive back to Southern Oregon Homebase or stay one more night at hotel.

Sat, April 28 – Productive library day in Southern Oregon Homebase. (day off)


Week 5:

Sun, April 29 – Ranger-led snowshoe tour at Crater Lake (day off)

Mon, April 30 – Day 1 of 4-day Hitch*. Prepare gear and equipment for field work. Drive to first plot about 2 hours away from home-base. Camp with both crews (6 of us)


*Note: a hitch means a time period working and camping in the field. The first day of our hitch is in the office getting gear, surveying equipment, maps, and everything packed and ready to go. The next few days are in the field surveying plants and soil and camping with our crew at night near our plots. The last day is back in the office to upload data.

Our first two hitches will be 4 days with 3 days off after that. The hitches for the rest of the summer should be 8 days with 6 days off after that. The last hitch or two at the end of the summer will be 4 days again. When someone in the conservation world says they’re going on hitch, expect them to come back hungry and very, very stinky.*

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