Mountain Yoga

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. After spending weeks of immersive learning in the mountains of western Montana, we paid homage to its inhabitants through a little something known as Mountain Yoga. Our studio was the St. Mary Campground in Glacier National Park, our mats were lodged posts, and our instructor was the rambunctious Katie Little.

The mountains greeted us in the morning and we greeted them back.
The Bald Eagle

Stand up straight, slightly bend the knees, lean over with a flat back, and spread your wings!

Cow parsnip, Heracleum lanatum
The cow parsnip

Stand tall, breathe length into your legs and neck, raise your arms and sway from side to side using your core stem.

Jedediah doing the Glacier Lily

Shift your weight to one leg, slowly raise your other leg to rest against your knee, inhale a deep breathe, and on the exhale flop your head down and T-rex your arms.

Mountain goats


The Mountain Goat

Squat down with your knees angled away from your body and your hands placed in front of you.

The Soaring Osprey

Shift your weight to one leg, slowly lift the other leg up and behind you while leaning forward, keep a bend in the supporting knee, lift your chest and head up, extend your wings behind you for a smooth glide

Bighorn sheep
The Bighorn Sheep

Lock horns with your partner until you can’t stop laughing.

Anika and Katie doing The Hanging Glacier

Become a supportive substrate and assume the tabletop position. Then, have your glacier also do a tabletop on your back. As the glacier, fold forward with your hands firmly between your partner’s shoulders. Lean forward and lift your knees onto the back of your arms above your elbows. Try not to melt while you balance.

The Rising Sun

Take a knee and become a mountain. Have your climber summit your peak.  Use your legs and core to gently rise together like the sun!


Keep your head in the clouds and Namaste. In the mountains all day.

3 thoughts on “Mountain Yoga”

  1. This had to be such an incredible experience! One of your many fantastic learning experiences. I wish more young people accepted such a challenging and rewarding adventure.


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