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Imitation Tactics to Save Money this Summer

Are you striving for the next level of frugality and savings? Well, look no further. Literally, take a look around, hone your creativity, and get to imitating.

Money-Saving Imitations:

1.) Take-Out


Do you love Chinese or Indian take-out, but end up cringing at your next bank statement? Lucky for you, American-Chinese and Indian food is easy to emulate at home. Plus, you can make it cheaper and healthier with no MSG! Simply turn to Google or Pinterest for your favorite dishes and classic recipes, such as Sweet & Sour Chicken, Shrimp Lo Mein, and Saag Paneer. Then, pop by an international grocery store to snag the herbs and spices that will serve you for countless meals.

2.) Frappuccino’s

Have a coffee date at your house (with yourself or friends). Blend up vanilla ice cream, ice cubes, flavoring, and coffee. Top it off with some whipped cream, syrup, and a reusable straw. Indulge and repeat until happily buzzing!

3.) Brunch


Where are the cheapest bottomless mimosas served year-round? Your porch! Get your friends together for a potluck-style brunch this weekend and skip the wait time, screaming kids, and ceremonial dividing of the check.

4.) Friends

Vacations are already costly, why add the extra expense of buying a new wardrobe for it? Get your gal pals together for a summer clothing swap to exchange or borrow your next beach-ready look!

5.) Mechanic

Do you have minor repairs or cosmetic fixes that need to be done on your car? Before heading into the auto shop, hop on YouTube and watch some “How to Fix It” videos. You may be surprised to find the problem is approachable to even the less mechanically inclined.

6.) Tour Guides


Planning your vacation, but aren’t sure what to do? Check out some of the local tour guide websites to borrow some ideas and destinations from their itineraries. Renting equipment such as kayaks, snorkel gear, and surfboards and taking yourself out on the water is much cheaper and allows more freedom than joining a guided tour, as long as your skill level will oblige.

7.) Books


Photo credit: Reddit user penguinska9

If you’re an avid book reader, purchasing new titles can add up. And unless it’s a favorite book of yours that you’ll read multiple times or one you’ll reference again, it’s really not worth it to keep buying more books, albeit the aesthetics of a beautifully stocked bookcase is understandable. Resolve to no longer purchase books and find them for free at your local library.

8.) Ancestors


Did our ancestors rely on grocery stores for delectable fruit? Absolutely not! Check out to find where you can pick fruit for free in public areas near you. Or, if you live in a climate that supports many fruit trees, reach out to your community on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to see if people have excess fruit or other produce they would allow you to pick. Most people would rather see it eaten than splattered across their sidewalks!

Challenge yourself to try some of these imitation tactics this summer and enjoy the very real money that will remain cozy in your wallet.



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