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Summer in the Sagebrush

With each passing cow, my restlessness grew, and the endless sagebrush became blurred in my vision. For a land that appeared entirely flat, my head was nearly bouncing off the ceiling of the truck as I navigated the deep ruts towards the field-site. The pronghorn antelope that ran parallel to, and eventually outran, our conspicuously… Continue reading Summer in the Sagebrush

Personal Finance

Investing FOMO and Dollar Cost Averaging

When a sector blows up, such as the tech industry, real estate, or Bitcoin, it seems like there’s always a handful of lucky people who invested early and became millionaires overnight. They’re splayed across the internet and now live out their days carefree on a sailboat in the Caribbean. These stories tend to make the… Continue reading Investing FOMO and Dollar Cost Averaging

Lifestyle, Personal Finance

Imitation Tactics to Save Money this Summer

Are you striving for the next level of frugality and savings? Well, look no further. Literally, take a look around, hone your creativity, and get to imitating. Money-Saving Imitations: 1.) Take-Out Do you love Chinese or Indian take-out, but end up cringing at your next bank statement? Lucky for you, American-Chinese and Indian food is… Continue reading Imitation Tactics to Save Money this Summer


Pronghorn Tattoo Statement

Last weekend I had the fortune to attend the Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention. I've been jazzed about this event since before I even moved to Utah. A couple of months prior, before even purchasing my ticket, I feverishly searched through the visiting artists to look for a new tattoo artist. (Still love you,… Continue reading Pronghorn Tattoo Statement

Travel Planning

How to Master Packing for a Thailand Trip

Thailand's reputation as a backpacker haven is derived from its incredible hospitality, navigable public transportation, cheap food and accommodation, relaxed take on life, and exotic adventures. Luckily, Thailand is just as easy to pack for as it is to explore. With some foresight and restraint, you can prepare efficiently the first time around! Here are… Continue reading How to Master Packing for a Thailand Trip


Shaving Your Head as a Woman: An Investment and Investigation of Freedom

This year I committed myself to making calculated strides towards my interpretations of freedom. It started with quitting my stable, permanent job in the Midwest and leaving my comfortable, reliable apartment to pursue a life built on seasonal ecological fieldwork, travel, and continuing education. It persists by working on my ability to be present, be… Continue reading Shaving Your Head as a Woman: An Investment and Investigation of Freedom