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Toketee Hot Springs and Toketee Falls in Umpqua National Forest, OR

4/14/18 The weather forecast made it clear that we would be wet and cold no matter where we went within a reasonable radius of our home-base. I figured we may as well be warm for part of the time, so we headed a few hours northwest to find the hot springs in the Umpqua National… Continue reading Toketee Hot Springs and Toketee Falls in Umpqua National Forest, OR


Flora of Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

Hiking the drizzly, muddy, Marsters section of the North Umpqua Trail left Josh and I gasping every few feet. Not because the trail was particularly treacherous, but because of the glorious wildflowers that were in full bloom. The rain gives plants, especially tree bark, a special contrast with the wet world around them, that makes… Continue reading Flora of Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

Personal Finance

My Irresponsibility Fund

As frugal as I am, I still end up wasting large chunks of money every year. Contemporary advice about personal finance recognizes that everybody has a Latte Factor and encourages people to identify and eliminate it. They ask, what's your Latte Factor? In other words, what is something that you mindlessly spend money or energy… Continue reading My Irresponsibility Fund


Introduction to southern Oregon Soils

4/10/18 Soils Field Day Today’s field day introduced us to the soils that we’ll encounter in the surrounding area and how they relate to the vegetation. I’m excited to learn more about soil and geology over the next few months because the more I learn about the natural world, my connection with it expands. Recognizing… Continue reading Introduction to southern Oregon Soils